Fake Diplomas and Transcripts Delivered to Your Door

Have Your Fake Diplomas and Transcripts Delivered to Your Door without fuss and with minimum effort!

Fake Diplomas and Transcripts Delivered to Your Door

Fake Diplomas and Transcripts Delivered to Your Door

Fake Diplomas & Transcripts Delivery Time And Options

Her ewe answer some of your most common questions.

How Long Does The Work Usually Take?

We usually create and finish Our template diplomas and transcripts within the week M-F 9 am to 5 pm.

The replicas diplomas and replica transcripts that we make take a little longer.

Our usual turnaround time for a fake degree or a fake transcript made from an original is 10 to 15 working days.

We usually ship overnight within the United Kingdom or DHL at your option if the package is going overseas.

How Long Do Fake Diplomas Transcripts Take To Be Delivered To My Door Once You Ship Out?

Royal ail within the UK delivers overnight, except for weekends.

DHL Express takes 3 to 5 business days and maybe a little longer in you are in a Remote Region of the world.

Do You Ship In Plain Packaging?

When your fake degrees fake diplomas or fake transcripts are ready to go, we ship in plain packaging.

Nobody looking at the packaging would ever suspect that we are shipping fake diplomas to you.

How Long Does It Take To Create A Custom Embosser?

Custom embossers take about 5 working days to design and create, sometimes a little longer for more complicated designs

How Long Does It Take To Age A Fake Diploma or Fake Transcript?

Our proprietary aging (ageing) process can age a document anywhere from 1 year up to 40 years without damaging the paper.

It is a process that involves chemicals, UV light and mechanical wear.

It takes 3 days to age a document properly. For best results, this can not be rushed

Do You Have Expediting?

Expediting is available but we prefer it if you allow yourself enough time for us to do the work without rushing.

What Is The Fastest Expedited Turnaround You Offer?

The fastest turnaround that we offer for a fake degree diploma is 3 working days if we have to create a custom embosser.

Otherwise we can cut the the time down to 2 working days.

How Much Is Expediting?

Expediting usually costs £250 for 7 Day Expediting, £350 for 5 Day Expediting and £650 for 2 Day Expediting.

Please check with us as expediting may not be available on all Fake degree or fake transcript projects.

We do not recommend expediting. It turns our office upside down having to put projects on pause to do your work.


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