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Are My Fake Diplomas Going To Have The Real Signatures?

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The question of what signatures to use comes up a lot in the fake diploma industry.

Many of you have concerns in this regard and we will address it here on this page.

What we have to say here is that the least of your worries should be what signatures we use.

People With Real Degrees Don’t Know What The Real Signatures Should Be

Many actual graduates with real degrees have no idea what the signatures are anyway, so why worry on your fake certificates.

Anyone You Show Your Fake Diplomas To is Probably Clueless

Most people you meet don’t know the right signature from the wrong signature.

Also, anyone you saw your fake certificate to is probably clueless as to who the signatories are.

In our experience, some people without real degrees tend to obsess over what the signatures should be.

People Without a Real Diploma Tend to Obsess Over The Signatures Without Need

They do this instead of going to school to do the real learning.

Those that went to school are clueless as to who was who and where was what!

Another misconception is that real degrees, diplomas and certificates have real signatures written in pen. They Do Not!

No Regent of Any University Spends Weeks Every Year Signing Thousand of Diplomas

No regent spend weeks every year signing their names on 2 or 3 thousand, maybe more diplomas.

They use scanned images of their signatures and they get printed on the diplomas.

Back on The Subject of Real Signatures on Fake Diplomas

Back on the subject of the signatures on your fake diplomas

Please understand that we are not allowed to use anybody’s signature without their permission on your fake certificates, fake diplomas and fake transcripts.

That includes the signatures of the regents for your fake certificates or fake diplomas.

We Can Use Standard Signatures on Your Fake Diplomas

Instead, we use what we can “Standard Signatures” which are in-house signatures that look perfectly realistic signatures that are very credible and look great on your fake diploma.

We Can Also Print Signatures You Create, Scan and Upload to Our Site

We can, however, upload signatures that you write yourself and scan for us to use. That constitutes using your signatures with your permission.

The alternative (at your request) is to leave the signature fields blank on your fake certificates for you to do whatever you want. What you do in the comfort of your own home is up to you.

Please understand that forgery is a crime and we are not criminals. Thank you for your understanding.


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