Common Questions After an Order of a Fake College Degree Certificate

You Fake degree Diploma Order is Vertu important to us. We want to help you understand the process. Fake College Degree Certificate and Design of Fake Certificates (UK Schools and Universities) is our specialty. People like you need good quality fake degrees badly this year!

Fake Degree Diploma Order (Fake Certificates UK Schools)
Fake Degree Diploma Order Delivered To Your Door

How soon with I get the digital preview?

If you ordered a digital preview, we will send that to you as soon as the work is finished and we are ready to go to print.

The project will be designed according to the form that you completed with your information and this will give you a chance to look at the work before we print and ship.

In the interest of keeping up with the workflow, please be sure to check the work in a timely manner and email back your approval.

If you ordered expedited service, we will have your preview ready at the end of the time period that we specified when you placed the order.

Please understand that if any delay approving the proof may result delayed shipping.

How soon will you ship after I approved the digital proof?

We will usually ship out your fake degree diploma order the next working day.

If you requested a send proof, then we are looking at an extra day or two.

We may have to wait again for your approval of the second digital proof before printing.

Will the colour of the certificate I received be a 100% match to my original?

We do not guarantee in any way that we will be able to match the color of the diploma or certificate that you want. This applies to the paper, any emblems, the background, they printed type, ink or anything whatsoever. In some cases we may try our best to make a match but it will never be 100%. Please remember you are getting a novelty item and all sales are final.

Delivery was attempted when I wasn’t home, now what?

Delivery requires your signature.

So please contact Royal Mail (or USPS if you are in the US) or DHL for instructions on possible redelivery at a time/day when is more convenient for you or how to go and pick it up yourself.

I never got the tracking number. Did you Ship My Fake degree Diploma Order?

We will email you your tracking number when we create the the shipping label. Please check your SPAM folder. If it still isn’t there then email us and we will look into it.

I emailed you and never got a response.

In the interest of great customer service, we always respond to emails religiously within 24 hours M-F during working hours.

Chances are our emailed response in the SPAM folder or maybe you are using AOL.

Make sure to add our email address to your address so this doesn’t happen again.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

I got the tracking number for my Fake degree Diploma Order but the shipping shows no movement!

We will email your tracking number when we create the shipping label.

It may not have been picked up yet by the carrier. Please wait a little while before putting a trace on it.

I would like to cancel my fake diploma certificate order. Can I do that please?

Unpaid Fake Diploma Orders: You can cancel anytime.

In any case, we destroy all fake college degree and certificate records after 30 days and will cancel your order automatically.

Replica Degree Certificate Sale and Design is what we do best. We want you to be happy with your order.

Paid Replica Degree Certificate Orders:

Please realize that work on your fake degrees or certificates begins immediately you place an order.

So we can not cancel your order but we will refund is the shipping if the order has not shipped out yet.

Replica Degree Certificate Sale and Design of Fake Certificates (UK Schools and Universities) is what we do. Fake degrees that look real.

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