Custom Seals & Custom Holograms

We can create custom seals & custom holograms for our high-end replica fake diplomas.

Custom Seals & Custom Holograms
Bespoke Seals and Custom Holograms

Many of our lower end diplomas and transcripts already have customized embossed logos and holographic security offered as options.

The bespoke embossing dies and bespoke holograms offered here go far and beyond that which is offered in the other certificates that we offer at a lower cost.

We do not adapt an existing hologram to say something else or use a generic embosser as a one size fits all.

Here, we design and create the embosser design then send it to a facility to produce the real die.

In the case of metal dies t create embossings, we show you a sample on this page.

The cost to do this varies so please check with us if you need this service done.

The process takes a few days in the case of an embossing die or up to 3 weeks in the case of a hologram.

Creating a hologram from scratch is laborious and costly so we create them especially for custom projects.

We have mass-produced a few for our lower cost fake GCE certificates and fake GCSE certificates to help young students.

The results are really impressive.

As they very well should be.

We are perfectionists. We are here to help!


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