Custom Document Aging Process

Our Custom Document Aging Process.

The document below is shown fresh out of the press and then after aging it 31 years. See the difference?

Custom Document Aging Process For Fake Certificates Made by
Custom Document Aging For Fake Certificates Made by

Any fake certificate that looks old is instantly accepted as being Genuine!

Have you ever looked at an old document in grandmas house and wondered whether it was original?

Age makes anything Venerable and Trust Worthy!

Of course not! Age makes anything venerable and instantly trustworthy!

Anything that looks old gets our instant approval in our minds.

Now imagine you found a document dated 50 years ago that looks perfect in every way and even smells like it was printed yesterday.

Would you question the authenticity of an old document that still smells fresh from the press?

You would probably have some doubts, wouldn’t you…

So we are offering our clients the benefit of our document aging process.

We have been using for the past 15 years for our high-Level replicas.

Now we are offering aging for all our replicas at all levels.

You may think that a document doesn’t show age but it certainly does, just like your car.

A brand new car looks different from a car that is 5 years old and so do your documents.

A 10-year-old car looks, feels and smells different than a brand new car: So Does Your Diploma!

A 5-year-old, or a 10-year-old car looks, feels and smells different than a brand new car.

And so will your aged diploma look feel and smell deferent than a brand new, fresh our of the press diploma.

Our aging process changes the feel, look and smell of your brand new, fresh out of the press, diploma.

Our document aging process consists of a 3 stage process that we have been perfecting over the years.

The fibers in the paper expand and breathe with age and some of the components in the paper tend to change color.

The texture of your diploma changes with age, as does it’s color and smell

The texture also changes as does the smell of the paper as it ages.

It consists of the following steps in various amounts:

  • Mild but effective mechanical wear
  • A chemical process
  • UV exposure treatment

This treatment takes 3 days and ages a document from about 2 years to about 40 years or more depending on the treatment.

The cost of this service is around £300 per A4 size document, or equivalent. They Look Incredible!!!

The most perfect replica diploma would attract attention if it looks brand new.

This is true in most cases, even a 2 year-old document shows signs of wear.

Budget permitting, we advise aging on all the documents we replica that are 2 years old or older.


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