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City and Guilds Certificates

Here you can buy fake City And Guilds certificates

There are many kinds of City and Guilds Certificates you can buy:

There is the City and Guilds National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) with 5 levels (1 through 5) which include the following:

Buy Fake City and Guilds Certificates
Buy Fake City and Guilds Certificates

Level 1 NVQ

  • NVQ Level 1: Equivalent to 3 or 4 GCSE (grades between D and G) is an entry-level qualification. Covering the learning of routine tasks and application of simple, basic knowledge

Level 2 NVQ

  • NVQ Level 2: Equivalent to 4 or 5 GCSE (grades between A* and C) is a little more advanced qualification. Involves more complex work and a deeper understanding of the subject. It involves greater responsibility and teamwork

Level 3 NVQ

  • NVQ Level 3: Is equivalent of 2 A Levels, this level involves greater responsibility and autonomy. This level still requires supervision

Level 4 NVQ

  • NVQ Level 4: Represents a Higher Education Certificate or a BTEC.
  • This level provides deeper learning on the subject and supervision should be minimal.

Level 5 NVQ

  • NVQ Level 5: Represents a Higher Education Diploma or a Foundation Degree.
  • This level prepares you for senior management.

Higher Levels of NVQ Certificates

Level 6 NVQ

  • For senior managers.  Graduateship (GCGI), Associateship (ACGI). This is a Graduate qualification.

Level 7 NVQ

  • For senior managers  Membership (MCGI), Master Professional, Diploma. This is a Postgraduate qualification.

Level 8 NVQ

  • As high as you can go with the NVQ system  Fellowship (FCGI). This is a Doctoral qualification.

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