The BudgetDiploma Guarantee

There are some things we can guarantee and some things we can’t. We would like to make sure you are completely happy with your order.

These are the things we can guarantee:

  • You will be shipped everything that you ordered to the address you gave us.
  • You will receive your order with no spelling errors when written in English (UK or American). The client is responsible for checking the spelling in any other languages.
  • The certificate you receive will follow the guidelines specified in the original order regarding paper size, spelling, wording and any other item we agree to make for you when you place the order.
  • Your certificate will be shipped without damage or defects with the exception of aged certificates in which case the diploma will show signs of aging, while still being physically intact.
  • If by any reason you receive your package and there is a problem, which does sometimes happen, of course, we will replace the item at no charge.

These are the things we can not guarantee:

  • People have different reasons for purchasing a fake diploma, and while it is up to you whatever you do with your fake diplomas, we do not guarantee in any way that you will achieve whatever you plan to achieve with your fake degree diploma or transcript.
  • Telling us once you receive your diploma that it doesn’t look real enough or doesn’t measure up to your expectations isn’t something we like to hear. Please take the time to look at our samples and how real they look before purchasing.
  • Real school diplomas cost many thousands of pounds, dollars, euro, etc. take many months or even years to get and can not be purchased on the internet. Please understand that this is a novelty product, that we do our best to make it high quality, with quick turnaround and a reasonable price, and we do the best we can for the money.
  • We only use high-quality paper stock for our diplomas and transcripts similar to what the universities use. We have no way of knowing what exact paper a particular university is using at the time since real school designs, layouts and materials change from time to time, so we can not guarantee that the paper or layout will be the same.
  • We always suggest you order a Preview Sample of the partially finished work so you see what you are getting before we print and ship out.

How can you guarantee that I will receive what I ordered? 

Section 75 of the 1974 Consumer Credit Act card issuers and retailers take joint responsibility for faulty purchases or items not received. We ship your product via Royal Mail with tracking and your signature is required.

We are honest to a fault!  We make a living working hard creating beautiful diplomas and transcripts for our customers. We have neither the time nor the inclination to be dishonest in any way and not deliver what you ordered.